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Matthew Tulley

Matthew Tulley

Board Member


Hi! I'm Matthew L. Tulley! I am currently the San Luis Valley Interagency Oversight Group Director. My career path started with Alamosa County Department of Human Services as a Foster Care Coordinator. I held that position until I became a Child Welfare Supervisor. My work has always been geared towards making the lives of children and families better. I have a passion for working with individuals in marginalized communities. I serve as San Luis Valley Pride's Co-President, who work to provide safety and visibility of the queer community within the San Luis Valley. 


I graduated from Adams State University with my Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 2016 and graduated from Arizona State University with my Master of Science in Psychology in 2020. When I am not advocating or helping families, I am practicing Yoga, cooking/baking, and traveling to see BTS or the ocean. I am always open to new ideas and ways to improve the San Luis Valley.

A Bit About Me

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