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About Children's Specialty Clinic

Dr. Pence at Open House

Our Story

The Children's Specialty Clinic of the San Luis Valley was created by Dr. Mikaila Pence, a pediatrician who lives in the San Luis Valley. While working in a local hospital system she noticed the high amount of need in the San Luis Valley for specialized therapies and medical providers that were hard to get in this rural area. By the support and labor of her family, she bought and remodeled a space to create the clinic space we have today. 

The nonprofit was created in order to serve the San Luis Valley and hear the voices of the families here needing supports. 

 Since our first grant, we have received additional donors and many volunteers to help create the dynamic clinic we now have.

Now, we have received six more grant applications and have had fiscal donations thanks to community supporters. We look forward to the change in our community to come!

Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission, Vision,& Vales


Children's Specialty Clinic of the San Luis Valley strives to be the nexus for children in the San Luis Valley with complex medical and behavioral needs, offering a space for specialty providers to care for children where they are - geographically as well as emotionally and financially.


Children's Specialty Clinic of the San Luis Valley envisions a clinic where families are connected to a local community of care for their kids, fully integrated into society and realizing their potential. 


Listen - Understand children and family’s needs and aspirations. 

Create - Forge opportunities for children and their families.

Strengthen - Bolster children and family’s relationships; uplift our community by creating educational and employment opportunities.

Meet our Team

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